Virtual Go Training

Training from Community Experts

Virtual training requires a different approach than in person training. Because of this, we have invested significant resources into designing a perfect experience for our virtual training engagements. With our custom content delivery system, students are able to follow along as the instructor introduces each concept for your customized Go training.

Our courses aren't just built to teach. They are built to create change. Our curriculum is continuously updated using best practices and has been validated in some of the largest companies in the world. Each module is designed to send you away ready to tackle your biggest Go initiatives.

With over five years of instructor led training, we have created a set of courses that are designed to focus on specific parts of the language so that your engineers can get up to speed quickly. Each course will cover the fundamentals, followed by best practices, and correct design patterns, as well as common mistakes and pitfalls.

We suggest that your engineering team starts with the course that best fits them, and then continue to the end. This will ensure the full breath of knowledge for your software initiatives now and into the future.

Virtual Courses

Intro to GO Intro to GO

Intro to

Intro to Go is designed to get existing software teams with little to no Go experience ready to write production ready code.

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Advanced Advanced

Advanced Development

Advanced Go is designed for software teams that have some existing Go knowledge and experience.

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Web development in GO Web development in GO

Testing in

This course will take you step by step from writing your first test to testing concurrent code, stubbing objects, automating tests, and more.

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Web development in GO Web development in GO

Profiling and Optimizing

Go comes with some amazing tooling. In this course, you'll learn how to put it to use and make your Go code perform faster and more efficiently.

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Web development in GO Web development in GO


Looking to go from zero to hero in a short time? This course is designed for senior developers to jumpstart your Go project.

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Custom courses Custom courses

Custom Courses

Don't see what you are looking for? We can design a course specifically for your teams needs.

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