In Person Classroom Training

The onsite course material has been jointly developed by our experienced team, and is continually updated and enhanced based on student feedback. The result is an engaging classroom experience combining lecture with hands-on lab work and troubleshooting. Instructors work with each client organization to customize the course material to meet their specific business needs at a level appropriate for the skill levels of each team.


Daily Go: Fundamentals

Based on your requirements, we'll build a custom Go course for your team. Our material ranges from beginner to advanced, so we can create a course that matches the experience of your developers to get your team up to speed in as little as two days.

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Daily Go: Web Development

The speed and stability of Go make it an excellent language for build the fast, stable, and secure web applications that power the modern web. In this course you will learn the latest techniques, packages, and tools to build the robust web application and back-end services your company needs.

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Daily Go: Rapid Web Development with Buffalo

Put the fun back in writing Go web applications using the Buffalo framework. A Ruby on Rails inspired, idiomatic, web framework written in Go. Fun, Fast, and easy!

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Daily Go: Practical Development of Distributed Systems

Distributed computing has a lot of moving parts. In this workshop, we will start by examining some core components at the base of the stack. Starting with network protocols such as tcp and http. We will then move into data communication formats such as TLV, JSON, and Protocol buffers. Moving on from the basics we will examine distributed concepts. We will cover the implementation and design requirements for gossip and consensus protocols such as MemberList and Raft. We will also talk about existing solutions that use these types of protocols. This is a very hands on workshop, so be ready to break out your laptops and learn the building blocks of concepts such as gRPC, Raft, and more.

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