Go Modules Master Class

Date: March 7th, 2019 - 1PM EST - 3PM EST

Go modules are becoming part of our daily workflow as more and more projects adopt them. However, because they are still experimental, there is a lot of confusion around how to use them, upgrade from existing dependency management tools, and avoid common mistakes. In this 2 hour workshop, Mark Bates will walk through the following scenarios.

Application Developer

  • adding modules to your app
  • switching from dep to mods
  • understanding go mod commands
  • working inside and outside the gopath

Package Maintainer

  • adding modules to a package
  • upgrading a package to v2+
  • upgrading an existing v2+
  • using the replace directive

Mark Bates

Mark specializes in Go Fundamentals, Advanced Go, Web Development, and Buffalo.
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