Introduction to gRPC - GopherCon EU

Date: Thu, Apr 23 2020 - 6 Hours

Tim Raymond

Tim specializes in Go Fundamentals, Advanced Go, Distributed Systems, and gRPC.


Building distributed systems can be extremely complex, but it doesn’t have to be. gRPC was created as a high performance RPC framework that makes it easy for to build client/server applications. Using protocol buffers, you can define both data messages and procedure calls that turn into easy to consume structures and services in Go.

What a student is expected to learn

Students will learn how to define Protocol Buffers, as well as how to properly modify them for future revisions to be backwards compatible. They will also learn how to define and consume simple requests via RPC (known as unary calls), as well as more advanced client, server, and bi-directional streaming services. Finally, the students will learn how to create the boilerplate client and server applications, as well as how to create middleware, secure their services, and if time permits, to monitor and track their rpc calls across their distributed application structure.


A basic understanding of the Go programming language. Beginners are highly encouraged to attend this training. While not necessary, it will be helpful if you have completed the Go tour (

Presenters Bio

Tim Raymond

Partner/Instructor - Specializes in Distributed Computing

Tim Raymond is a full-stack developer with over six years of experience writing Go for companies such as USA Today, InfluxData, and Mattel. He's worked on everything from publishing pipelines, gRPC APIs, IoT backends, and interactive React frontends powered by Go backends. Prior to his involvement in the Go community, Tim served as an organizer for the Boston Ruby Group. His professional interests range across web applications, compilers, networking, performance, and cryptography.

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