Introduction to Protocol Buffers and gRPC with Go

Duration: 3 Hours

Creating and scaling microservice via a distributed system is a complex and challenging effort. Protocol Buffers (Protobuf) and gRPC can quickly simplify this challenge, by easily defining your messages and services with Protobuf. These are small, simple, and fast data structures. Protobuf ships with idiomatic libraries written for most of the popular languages and platforms. With gRPC, you can start quickly, and scale to millions of RPC’s per second with ease. It also supports bi-directional streaming, integrated auth, tracing, load balancing, and more.

In a nutshell, if you are embarking on a new system, or looking to extend an existing one, gRPC will allow you to accomplish that in small, manageable steps that will ensure a future system that is robust, fast, and scalable.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create basic protocol buffer messages, design simple gRPC services and understand how to properly handle successful and unsuccessful rpc calls.

Each attendee will receive a link 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop with links to all class material. Additionally, each attendee will receive a link after the workshop to the recording of the workshop as well.

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Workshop Overview

This module covers general information about your instructor and course materials.

This module covers general environment setup and other resource related information needed to complete the courses contained within.

Installing all the tools you need to make protocol buffers work can be challenging. This chapter lays out in detail the steps needed to properly install and configure your development environment for protocol buffers. It also includes specific steps for each operating system when necessary.

Protocol buffers are Google's language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data – think XML, but smaller, faster, and simpler.

In this module, we will cover how to create and use protocol buffers, as well as how to extend them.

gRPC is a modern open source high performance RPC framework that can run in any environment. In this module we will cover the basic concepts used in gRPC, as well as create some simple RPC calls using protocol buffers and implement them with gRPC. We'll also cover how to create specific errors and codes with gRPC.

This module covers where to get more support on Go, recommends books and videos, and list contact information for our instructors.

Cory LaNou


Cory specializes in Go Fundamentals, Advanced Go, Distributed Systems, and gRPC.