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Learn is a custom platform that delivers self-paced training, virtual workshops, and in person training support material. The content for the courses were prepared by some of the most respected and accomplished leaders in the Go programming community. Their combination of hands-on professional experience, commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive Go community, and the education of Go developers make them an excellent resource for companies around the world that want to enhance their team’s skillsets and efficiency.

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We have several free courses available, like our "1 Hour Go Bootcamp". To receive your free code for the "1 Hour Go Bootcamp" sign up for our newsletter and you will get codes for free workshops, as well as up and coming offers for other workshops and courses.

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Our trainers would love to hear from you! They spend a lot of time on Gopher Slack. To get your free invite, fill out the Gopher Slack Signup Form. Then join us on the #GopherGuides slack channel.

Featured Courses

New to Go? Need to get your machine set up? This is the course you are looking for. We will walk you through installing Go, setting up the GOPATH, explain what GOROOT is, as well as a few other con...


If you are just starting Go, or want to hone in your fundamental core skills, this course is for you. This is a full blown 16 chapter course that will t...


Buffalo is a Go web development eco-system, designed to make the life of a Go web developer easier.

Buffalo starts by generating a web project for you...