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Free Go Bootcamp


In this 1-hour course renowned Go expert, Cory LaNou, takes you on a fast pace tour of this exciting language developed by Google. Cory covers Go basics, CLI, and web development, amongst other topics.

Daily Go: Rapid Web Development with Buffalo (Preview)



Buffalo is a Go web development eco-system, designed to make the life of a Go web developer easier.

Buffalo starts by generating a web project for you that already has everything from front-end (JavaScript, SCSS, etc...) to back-end (database, routing, etc...) already hooked up and ready to run. From there it provides easy APIs to build your web applicati...

Preparing Your Environment For Go Development


New to Go? Need to get your machine set up? This is the course you are looking for. We will walk you through installing Go, setting up the GOPATH, explain what GOROOT is, as well as a few other configuration changes to make your development smooth and easy.

This course covers detailed instructions for installing Go on Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems. The course is 100% free and re...

Free Testing & Benchmarking Workshop


In this 1-hour course renowned Go expert, Cory LaNou, takes you on a fast pace tour of the features of testing and benchmarking in Go. Cory will cover basic testing, test output, table driven test, sub tests, code coverage, race conditions, and more. Cory will also give a basic introduction to benchmarking

Workflow Automation In Go


In this 10 minute course, renowned Go expert, Cory LaNou, shows how workflow automation can significantly improve developer productivity. This video will show how to implement some very simple, lightweight automation to automatically run tests and code coverage in Go.

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