Daily Go: Rapid Web Development with Buffalo

By Gopher Guides

Buffalo is a web ecosystem, and not a framework. This module will cover why writing web sites using the standard library is so painful, and what Buffalo does to make it not only easier, but much faster and maintainable as well.

This module will show how to create a new Buffalo application, how to setup and work with your database, and give a tour of the files that were generated.

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Go has the ability to build and cross compile with ease. This chapter will cover the different ways to build your binary and additionally covers concepts for embedding build information such as version and GitHub SHA-1 hash. See how build tags are used to conditionally include specific branches of code by targeting specific platforms or simply using the tags provided.

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Buffalo is a Go web development eco-system, designed to make the life of a Go web developer easier.

Buffalo starts by generating a web project for you that already has everything from front-end (JavaScript, SCSS, etc...) to back-end (database, routing, etc...) already hooked up and ready to run. From there it provides easy APIs to build your web application quickly in Go.

Buffalo isn't just a framework, it's a holistic web development environment and project structure that lets developers get straight to the business of, well, building their business.

  • Introduction to Buffalo
  • Overview of the Buffalo Command
  • Understanding the Context
  • Routing Overview
  • Talking to a Database in Buffalo
  • Building HTML Templates
  • Working with CRUD
  • Forms and Models
  • Building and Deploying